You are all welcome to vote for the right cause!

We would like to draw your attention to an innovative approach for the selection of a theme in the field of social innovation. This competition (prize money: € 2 million) will be part of Horizon 2020 and organized in close cooperation with the European Investment Bank Institute.

Your participation in this process will be highly appreciated. It is easy and will take only very little time.  Please go to our website and choose the theme that you think should be addressed by EU social innovation prize.


The five themes are:


Childhood obesity


Ageing population


Integration of immigrants in the labour market


Women entrepreneurship and women-led enterprises


Citizens for clean energy


The vote closes on 21 October 2015 12:00 (Brussels time) and the results will be announced the next day.

Thank you for your cooperation!

For this on-line vote process we do not collect any of your personal data, except your vote which is kept anonymous.