Ageism is experienced both by older and young people. It is entrenched in attitudes but also
organisations, laws, policies and practices that create disadvantages or obstacles to the equal
participation of the young and the older generations.

The European Parliament Intergroup on Active Ageing, Intergenerational Solidarity and
Family issues, AGE Platform Europe and the European Youth Forum have organised a
joint event to shed light to the widespread experiences of ageism at both ends of the life
spectrum. Though there are major problems, we also share positive experiences and good
practices that show the progress being made.

This event will be the opportunity to build the case for intergenerational exchange and solidarity
and ensure that young and older people are equal partners for the creation of fairer, more
inclusive and sustainable societies.

There will be a variety of speakers, such as MEPs and NGO leaders, sharing practices and
perspectives of both age groups. We will also hold a debate open to audience to generate
ideas and discussion.

What could your community, region or city do to boost solidarity between generations? What
can we all together do to manage a future without ageism?