COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology – see is a unique platform where European researchers can jointly develop their ideas and initiatives across all scientific disciplines through trans-European networking of nationally funded research.
COST is being supported by the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 Programme.
The overall goal of this Action is to better the lives of older adultsby enhancing scientific knowledge and attention to the phenomenon, by integrating the different disciplines of research currently involved in the field of ageism and by developing collaborations with public policy officials and non-academic professionals responsible for the care and wellbeing of older adults as well as with older adults themselves.

For more details, see the memorandum of understanding


Prof. Liat Ayalon
Louis and Gabi Weisfeld School of Social Work
Bar Ilan University, Israel 52900
Tel: 972-3-531-7910
Fax: 972-3-738-4042

Vice Chair:

Prof. Dr. Clemens Tesch-Römer
Deutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen
Manfred-von-Richthofen-Straße 2
12101 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 260740-0
Fax: 030/7854350

Work Group Chairs:

Working Group 1: Health

Prof. GrazianoOnder

UniversitCattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

Prof. Daniela Fialova

Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Working Group 2: Judicial-Legal

Prof. Israel (Issi) Doron

University of Haifa, Israel

Ms. NenaGeorgantzi

AGE platform Europe EU/ National University of Ireland

Working Group 3: Workforce

Dr. Jolanta Perek-Bialas

Jagiellonian University, Poland

Dr. PninaDolberg

Bar Ilan University, Israel

Working Group 4: Media

Dr. Monika Wilinska

School of Applied Social Science, U.K.

Prof. Eugene Loos

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Working Group 5: Internalized Age Stereotypes

Prof. Klaus Rothermund

InstutfrPsychologie, Jena University, Germany

Prof. Susanne Wurm

Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Country MC Member
Austria Dr Ursula TRUMMER
Austria Mr Ricardo RODRIGUES
Belgium Prof Astrid DE HONTHEIM
Belgium Prof An JACOBS
Bosnia and Herzegovina Prof Nedim GAVRANOVIC
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Slavica Tutnjevic
Bulgaria Dr Kamellia LILLOVA
Bulgaria Prof Lilia RAYCHEVA
Croatia Dr Marija GEIGER ZEMAN
Croatia Dr Zdenko ZEMAN
Cyprus Dr Marios Constantinou
Czech Republic Dr Daniela FIALOVA
Czech Republic Prof Karel SCHMEIDLER
Denmark Dr Sara Mosberg IVERSEN
Denmark Prof Per JENSEN
Estonia Dr Marge UNT
Estonia Ms Tiina TAMBAUM
Finland Dr Maria EKSTROM
Finland Dr Pirjo NIKANDER
fYR Macedonia Dr Mishel Pavlovski
fYR Macedonia Prof Loreta Georgievska-Jakovleva
Germany Prof Klaus ROTHERMUND
Germany Prof Clemens TESCH-ROMER
Greece Ms Katerina Kanellopoulou
Greece Dr Maria Kalliopi Bottis Kanellopoulou
Hungary Dr Peter DORO
Hungary Prof Gyongyver SOOS
Iceland Dr Sigurveig SIGURDARDOTTIR
Iceland Prof Agusta PALSDOTTIR
Ireland Prof Jeanne JACKSON
Ireland Dr Amanda PHELAN
Israel Prof Israel (Issi) DORON
Israel Dr Pnina DOLBERG
Italy Dr Graziano ONDER
Italy Prof Stefano BONASSI
Lithuania Dr Grazina RAPOLIENE
Lithuania Dr Sarmite MIKULIONIENE
Malta Prof Sandra BUTTIGIEG
Malta Ms Maria Aurora FENECH
Netherlands Prof Eugene LOOS
Netherlands Dr Joost VAN HOOF
Norway Mr Svein Olav DAATLAND
Norway Mr Johan BARSTAD
Poland Dr Jolanta PEREK-BIALAS
Poland Dr Piotr KUBINSKI
Portugal Prof Luis CARRICO
Portugal Dr José DE SAO JOSE
Romania Dr Loredana IVAN
Romania Ms Cristina CIRTITA-BUZOIANU
Serbia Prof Ljiljana TASIC
Serbia Dr Ivana Petrovic
Slovakia Mr Gabor SZUDI
Slovenia Dr Marko RADOVAN
Spain Dr Alina DANET
Sweden Prof Andreas MOTEL-KLINGEBIEL
Switzerland Dr Olaf SCHNUR
Switzerland Mr Carlo FABIAN
Turkey Prof Soner DOGAN
United Kingdom Dr Simon EVANS
United Kingdom Dr Angela KYDD
Country MC Substitute
Austria Dr Sonja NOVAK-ZEZULA
Austria DrStefania ILINCA
Belgium Prof Paul DE HERT
Croatia Dr Marcel Leppee
Denmark Dr Anne Leonora BLAAKILDE
Denmark Mr Wouter De Tavernier
Estonia Ms Liili ABULADZE
Finland Prof Marja JYLHA
Finland Dr Soile JUUJARVI
Germany Dr Julia SIMONSON
Germany Prof Susanne WURM
Hungary Dr Andrea BOR
Hungary Dr Maria MATUZ
Ireland Dr Alice COFFEY
Ireland Dr Carol KELLEHER
Ireland Dr Mary Rose DAY
Israel Dr Sharon SHIOVITZ-EZRA
Israel Prof Yael BENYAMINI
Israel Dr Benny SPANIER
Italy Dr Francesca PASQUALI
Italy Dr Simone CARLO
Lithuania Dr Jolanta PIVORIENÄ—
Lithuania Dr Urte Lina ORLOVA
Malta Ms Mary Grace CASSAR
Netherlands Dr Marja AARTSEN
Netherlands Dr Eveline Wouters
Netherlands Mr Rienk OVERDIEP
Norway Prof Per Erik SOLEM
Norway Ms Ingunn BOSNES
Portugal Dr Helena MOURINO NUNES
Portugal Dr Maria Isabel CLIMACO
Romania Ms Brindusa Mariana AMALANCEI
Romania Dr Corina DABA-BUZOIANU
Serbia Dr Valentina MARINKOVC
Slovakia Dr Tatiana BUZEKOVA
Slovakia Prof Magdalena Kuzelova
Slovenia Ms Martina TEKAVEC BEMBIC
Spain Prof Josep BLAT
Spain Dr Sergio SAYAGO
Spain Dr Blanca DEUSDAD
Spain Dr Blanca LAFFON
Spain Prof Mª del Carmen Requena
Spain Dr Josep Armengol
Spain Sacramento PINAZO-­‐HERNANDIS
Sweden Dr Clary KREKULA
Sweden Dr Fredrik SNELLMAN
Switzerland Dr Maik HOMKE
United Kingdom Dr Maria SOURBATI
United Kingdom Dr Trish Hafford-Letchfield
United Kingdom Dr Jane VINCENT

COST Near Neighbour Countries

Institution Name MC Observer
EPOKA University Ms Diturije Ismaili

Specific Organisations

Organisation Name MC Observer
AGE Platform Europe Mr Philippe Seidel

WG1) Healthcare system. This WG will focus on various health care settings, and evaluate the healthcare provision and medication management of older adults. Potential areas of focus would be the various stakeholders involved in this system, including physicians, social workers, nurses or patients.

WG2) Judicial-legal system. This WG will focus on legislations, judicial decisions and court rulings at the local and international levels and their implications for the rights and lives of older adults.

WG3) Ageism in the media. This WG will focus on how different types of online and offline media  represent ageing and old age, how people of different ages access and use those media and what could be done to reflect the growing diversity of people of different ages that are commonly referred to as ‘old’. Aim: Discovering and co-producing new practices that go against stereotypical images of old age in media and actively promote anti-ageist media representations, uses and engagements that are built on principles of diversity and respect.

WG4) The workforce. This WG will evaluate specific employment settings or situations (e.g., the economic crisis) in which ageism might be more pronounced. Behaviours and attitudes of employers and their impact on employees of various age groups will be examined.

WG5) Internalized age stereotypes. This WG will examine ageism at the individual level from the perspective of older adults as well as society at large.

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Belgrade workforce meeting 19-20/04/2018

WG4 Belgrade Meeting program

London global coalition meeting 28/2-02/03/2018

171102 DRAFT Agenda_core group

Barcelona TS Meeting 01-02/02/2018



Spain meeting plan

Bucharest meeting 5-6/10/2017 & parallel conference (4-6/10/2017)


Bucharest program

Bucharest important information


Bucharest Qualitative Research in Communication

Bucharest Minutes

Croatia WG1 Meeting 14-17/06/2017

Croatia, WG1 meeting 1Croatia, WG1 meeting 2


Sweden TS Meeting 30/05/2017-02/06/2017

Sweden TS 3 call for applications

COST IS1402 TS Finalized Program

Krakow TS Meeting 15-17/02/2017

Krakow TS Meeting Program

workshops organization day 15.2

Eindhoven Meeting 19-20/09/16 Program


Action Summary PPT

Other relevant COST Actions:

Action IS1210, Appearance Matters

Israel meeting 15-16/06/16

Israel meeting summary

Aging & Society: Sixth International Conference

hosted in partnership between the National Institute for the Study of Ageing and Later Life (NISAL) and Common Ground Publishing (USA) at Linköping University in Norrköping, Sweden, 6-7 October 2016.

Aging & Society Sixth International Conference

Seminar: (No)equal treatment of older persons in various life domains: examples and solutions based on participation in the COST ACTION on Ageism IS 1402

11th of May 2016 (Wednesday) 17.00 

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland


prof. dr hab. Barbara Mikołajczyk (Uniwersytet Śląski)

dr Piotr Kubiński (Uniwersytet Warszawski)

dr hab. Jolanta Perek-Białas (Szkoła Główna Handlowa/Uniwersytet Jagielloński)

dr hab. n. farm. Agnieszka Skowron (Collegium Medicum, Uniwersytet Jagielloński)

Topics of presentations include: legal aspects on ageism, ageism in media, in the labour market and in clinical trails of new medicines

Ageing in Europe: European Sociological Association Research Network  Conference

Call for Papers: AGEING IN EUROPE CONFERENCE- Beyond the Work-Centered Life Course

Prague meeting Program April 2016:

WG meeting  April 28-29, 2016: Program_Prague COST Action WG meeting_April 28-29, 2015_2

TS on pharmacology and ageism April 25-27, 2016: TS_Preliminary Program_Prague EU COST Action 1402

Meetings in 2016:

  1. WG meeting in Prague on April 28-29, 2016.
  2. TS on pharmacology and ageism in Prague on April 25-27, 2016.
  3. Handbook on ageism meeting in Israel on June 15-16, 2016.
  4. Midterm  conference on September 19-20, 2016 in the Netherlands.

MC/WG meeting

September 10-11, 2015
Hotel Dietrich Bonhoeffer Haus
Ziegelstraße 30
10117 Berlin

See program: berlin program

Training Schools

e_Abstract Book_Prague EU COST Action Training School

April 25-27, 2016
TS on pharmacology and ageism

June 17-19, 2015
Developing a research career in geriatrics and gerontology
Faculty of Philosophy at Vilnius University, Lithuania

Short Term Scientific Mission

COST announced the second call for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs).

The timetable for applications is as follows:
Period of STSM: between 4th July 2016 and 31st March 2017
Deadline for applications: 30th May 2016
Notification of application outcome: 20th June 2016
Full details, including the criteria for applications, are in the attached document:
COST Action IS1402_STMSCall2_final

The short term scientific mission winners of 2015:

Name Affiliation Host Duration Cost (Euro)
Simone Carlo UniversitàCattolica del SacroCuore, Milan (IT) University of Brighton (UK) 1/06/15 – 11/07/15 2500
Alina Danet Andalusian School of Public Health, Grandada (ES) Association for Citizens’ Participation ,Fagaras (RO), 2 weeks 1900
GrazinaRapoliene Vilnius University, Vilnius (LT) German Centre of Gerontology (DZA), Berlin (DE) 5/10/15 – 31/10/15 2500
Valdiglesias Vanessa University of A Coruña (ES) IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome (IT), 18/02/15 – 26/02/15 1270
Maria Isabel NamoradoClímaco Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal. German Centre of Gerontology (DZA) ,Berlin, Germany July, 2015 900