Publications for work group 2 : Legal


The legal appearances of dementia in court rulings: mapping the terrain

From Well-being to Rights: Creating an International Older Persons’ Human Rights Index (IOPHRI)


The Legal System and Alzheimer s Disease Social Workers and Lawyers Perceptions and Experiences

Quality Registries in Sweden, Healthcare Improvements and Elderly Persons with Cognitive Impairments

In Course of Change: Soft Law, Elder Rights, and the European Court of Human Rights


Autonomy, capacity and vulnerable adults: filling the gaps in the Mental Capacity Act


Older Europeans and the European Court of Justice

Older Persons’ use of the European Court of Human Rights

The Position of Older Workers in Labour Law

Autonomy in ICT for Older Persons at the Crossroads Between Legal and Care Practices

Is the ECHR ready for global ageing?


Legal constructions of dementia: discourses of autonomy at the margins of capacity

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